2023 New Collection from Molteni&C

07.23.2023 News

The 2023 Molteni&C Collection project, under the creative direction of Vincent Van Duysen, narrates the connection between indoor and outdoor, between intimacy and sharing, and between private and public space.

The Augusto is an exploration of contrasts: where past meets present and technical innovation meets the expert craftsmanship of Molteni&C. The key to Augusto’s timeless aesthetic is the balance of soft, up holstered seats with the sophistication of its modern metal structure, creating a uniquely harmonious design that blends seamlessly with amultitude of environments. To enhance Augusto's unique silhouette, elegant piping runs along the cushions, defining their shape.


In conceiving the Augusto sofa, Van Duysen started with the idea of total comfort. He examined precisely the way the body would sink into its voluminous seat, recline into its cushioned backrest, or simply lean on its elegant, square-shaped armrests. Only once these factors were determined did he begin forming the shape, which incorporates a flush metal base that runs around the perimeter of the sofa emphasizing its volume and making it appear almost weightless.