The new collection from HOLLY HUNT Studios

07.25.2023 News

The HH40 Collection from HOLLY HUNT Studios celebrates forty years of innovation, craftsmanship and quality. By honouring these values, the collection looks to the future by expanding the ways in which their designs are the vessel for personal expression.


The Strata Chandelier is a study in line, plane and volume. Inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, this striking piece has several cleverly integrated LEDs, resulting in a beautiful combination of linear and shapely forms of light that simultaneously cast above and below. Strategically placed panels of slumped glass, available in three color options, add a decorative dimension to this sophisticated sculptural collage.

The Caldera Cocktail Tables were inspired by aerial views of its namesake: the craters that remain after a volcano erupts. Creating this seemingly minimal design is in fact an intricate puzzle requiring a mastery of craft, as each piece of stone must be cut and finished to effortlessly sit in the bronze frame.

The Dune Lounge collection (featuring a sofa and lounge chair) was inspired by the refined yet malleable shapes created by Mother Nature from trillions of grains of sand. The resulting silhouette resembles an architectural embrace, structured yet comfortable. The hand-carved solid walnut base is available with a swivel or stationaryfour feet.


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